Accounts and Users#

All Accounts#

Accounts list#

The All Accounts page provides a list of all accounts to which you have access. The table shown on the page provides all the information concerning your accounts.

Admin, Configuration, Validation
Current balance
CHF 1.00

If you are coming from a marketplace, on your first login, you will see an Account with the name of your organisation as provided by the marketplace. If you created your account on RPS Platform instead, you will see an account named after your username (your email address). The following fields are provided:

  • Name, the name of your account, if you have multiple accounts you can switch from one to another by clicking on the NAME of the desired account.
  • Country and City, related to the address provided in the billing information.
  • Groups, lists the user groups you are belonging to on a given account. In the example above you would have roles Admin, Configuration and Validation on the account APERTURE SCIENCE SA.
  • Status shows if the account is Active or Suspended.
  • Current balance of the account, this balance can be positive or negative depending on the billing mode.
  • Ownership gives ownership of the account, Owner if you created the account from RPS Platform, if you did not create the account but have been invited, or External if it comes from a marketplace.

You also have the possibility to leave the account, edit it or see the notifications related to it.

On top of the table with your account are different tools to filter information. Is external and Created by me allow you to show only accounts that are respectively from a marketplace (External), or created by you. You can also filter by owner email address, or use the search engine to find an Account by name.

Edit an account#

To edit an account, click on . It will redirect you to a page with four tabs.

  • ACCOUNT PROFILE allows you to update the name of the account,
  • BILLING INFORMATION to add or change billing information, this includes the address and in option your VAT number. You can also merge the billing information with that of another account by selecting Billing information from already existing account].
  • SETTINGS gives the option to add a validation on modification of transformers' attributes changes, simply choose Enable or Disable according to your needs.
  • LEGAL shows the dates at which you signed REGDATA's privacy license agreement and terms and conditions, in case the terms and conditions have not been signed yet, you can do so here.

After making changes to any of these fields, do not forget to save them by clicking on UPDATE.

New Account#

When clicking on NEW ACCOUNT, you will be asked to enter a name and billing information, if you have a Swiss VAT number you can also provide it here. Check the box confirming that you agree with REGDATA's terms and conditions (this step is mandatory for each account), and click ADD. Your new account is ready to be used and already appears in the list, you have automatically been granted Admin, Configuration and Validation rights on this account.


Users list#

This section allows you to manage the users on the account you are connected to (you can quickly see the account in the top right corner of your screen, for example APERTURE SCIENCE SA, above your email address).

The table shows the first and last name, and email address of each user, along with the groups they are part of on this account. If you have Administrative rights, you can edit the information in this table: change the first and last name of users, and edit there rights. To do so click on and make your changes.

  • To edit the first or last name of a user, simply click on the concerned field and edit it,
  • to change the user rights, toggle the listbox icon , and select the groups you would like the user to be in.

Once it is done you can save the changes with or cancel them them with . You can also remove a user from an account by clicking .

Invite user#

In this section, you can easily invite a new user to the account. Simply enter the email address of the future user, select the groups you would like to assign him to and press INVITE.

User groups#

User roles are managed with user groups. We provide a set of predefined user groups:

  • Guest: Can read transform configuration except key definitions. They cannot change transform configurations. They cannot change administrative information, make payments or invite other people.
  • Configuration: Can manage transform configurations. They cannot change administrative information, make payments or invite other people.
  • Admin: Can manage administrative information and billing information. They can also manage organization membership and invitations. No access to transformation configuration.
  • Validation: Can only validate changes to transformation keys. No access to transformation configuration neither to administrative information.
  • Accounting: Can only make payments and manage billing information. No access to transformation configuration.

User groups can be edited for each user following the instructions of the Users list section above. By default for a new user, user groups are set to Admin, Configuration and Validation for its first account.