Limits and notifications#


The Limits page shows all limits set on an Account, it is split in four cases:

  • The Targets case shows the maximum number of targets allowed for the account. Default number of targets is 5.
  • The Configurations case shows the maximum number of configurations for the account. Default number of configurations is 15.
  • The Number of transformations in the last running 24 hours, with a default number of 1 million transformations available per running 24 hours by default.
  • The Number of transformations in the last 30 days, with 10 millions transformations available by default per 30 days period.

The amount of each element used and available is prompted in the corresponding case, as well as a button CHANGE LIMIT which allows you to ask for an increase of any of those. Clicking on the CHANGE LIMIT buttons prompts a window where you can enter the desired limit, then clicking on APPLY will send a request to our services for confirmation of the change.


The Notifications page shows all notifications related to the connected user account, whether they are read or not. Notifications can be filtered to only show unread ones and the notifications from all accounts associated to the user. You can also filter by account name (if your user account is associated with more than one), notification title by typing in the search box .

Notifications are split in three different types, that can also be filtered using the drop-down menu:

  • Warning messages;
  • Error messages;
  • Info messages.

Notifications are sorted by account when applicable, provide a short title for preview, the duration since emission of the notification as well as a symbol to notify if it has already been read or not .

You can quickly access latest unread notifications by clicking on the notifications icon on the top right corner of your screen, next to the user/account information. The notifications shown will concern the connected user on the selected account.