Evidence class#

Represent one evidence pair of Name and Value

Context class#

Represent base class for context - Rights or Processing context. Both of them is a list of Evidence.

RightsContext class#

ProcessingContext class#

Adding additional properties to EngineContext in the case of ProcessingContext. AllowCache property - indicate if for such ProcessingContext allowed caching of transformed values. (For example, in case of probabilistic transformation we shouldn't cache values).

IRPSEngineContextProvider interface#

Interface for a provider of rights and processing contexts.

RPSEngineContextProviderBase class#

Abstract base class for ContextProvider. Implement base functionality for retrieve rights and processing contexts from the dictionary by key. Contains two abstract methods: GetRightsContexts and GetProcessingContexts to implement into specific provider (File, DB, etc).

RPSEngineContextFileProvider class#

Implementation of RPSEngineContextProviderBase based on separate JSON files for rights context and processing contexts.