The dashboard provides an overview of the engines, proxies and files processors currently used by your account. It shows the number of instances for each element, along with the status of these instances

  • You can open the pages Engines, Proxies or Files Processors, respectively providing information on modules RPS Engine, RPS Proxy and RPS Files Processor, by clicking on the corresponding tab on the page;
  • "Number of instances" point shows the total count of engines, proxies or data processors instances;
  • The status icon shows the status of the last run of any engines, proxies or files processors instances, the colors give hint of this status.
  • For engines we have
    • : successful connection to the engine;
    • : error in the connection or in the link to the engine;
  • for proxies
    • : successful connection to the proxy;
    • : error in the connection to the proxy;
  • and finally for files processors
    • : all row successfully processed;
    • : some rows have not been processed;
    • : no row has been processed.