Logs list#

The logs list shows all the existing logs in a table providing the following information:

  1. The date and time at which the log was recorded,
  2. the module where the log was recorded,
  3. the name of the machine on which the log was recorded,
  4. the level or type of the log,
  5. a short description of the log.

You can obtain full information about a log by clicking on its line from the list.

You also have the possibility to filer the logs, for instance if you want all logs related to a given module. To do so you can use the toolbar above the list where you can filter using

  • Start or end dates,
  • the level of log (Trace, Debug, Information, Warning, Error or Critical),
  • a research tool,

and by clicking on MORE FILTERS you get access to filtering by

  • module name,
  • module ID,
  • User Name,
  • and Machine Name.