What is the RPS Platform ?

RPS stands for RegData Protection Suite.

REGDATA provides an on-demand data protection service delivered through the RPS SaaS Platform that is based on the proprietary software RegData Protection Suite. It aims at helping you meet your data security and data regulatory requirements.

The goal of RPS SaaS Platform is to transform your confidential and sensitive data with the objective of protecting or unprotecting it, depending on the business requirements. Business requirements are modeled using rights contexts and processing contexts.

The transformation techniques supported by the RPS SaaS platform are tagging, injection, anonymization, encryption, tokenization and pseudonymization.

Discover what you can do

The RPS Platform allows you to secure and manage your confidential and sensitive data in use cases such as:

  • meet EU-GDPR, FINMA,ECB, CCPA, ... compliance;
  • protect data used in web and cloud based applications;
  • obfuscate production data that is used in test and development environments;
  • protect data stored at rest in databases and files;
  • protect confidential images stored in documents;
  • transform protected data to data in clear, or anonymized, or aliased, or masked depending on the usage context;
  • and many other possibilities ...

The following table shows an example of data transformed differently depending on the context: the sensitive data used by a cloud application is encrypted in production data base, but then it is transformed in clear for the final users and it is anonymized for user testing the front end. The example is about the sensitive data Customer=Laura Dupont, IBAN=ES7921000813610123456789

Data in clear for the final userLaura DupontES7921000813610123456789
Data encrypted in the database@__asds33df23qaasdasd3fa85f64-5717-4562-b3fc-2c963f66afa6
Data anonymized for user testing the front endJohn MalkovichAA0034534058930459304593

Our service offerings

The RPS Platform services are available on the cloud. The service offerings includes:

  • a user-friendly secured web application to define multiple users, multiple accounts and multiple targets configurations for transforming data;
  • a unique API endpoint to transform data over a authenticated secured channel;
  • a rich set of transformation techniques: tag, inject, encrypt, tokenize, anonymize or pseudonymize.

The pricing of RPS Platform services is based uniquely on the number of transformations. No fixed costs, you pay as you transform. The price is computed on the exact number of data item transformations.

Transformer's typeCHF per unit

Example: the price to encrypt 10'000 IBAN values and anonymize 5'000 names is:
10'000 x 0.011 +5'000 x 0.010 = CHF 160

Enterprise RPS Platform

The RPS Platform is also available as an enterprise self-hosted solution, deployed in premises.

The enterprise RPS Platform offers you additional functionalities, as management tools, proxies, mails services, database drivers, audit logs data for data regulatory reports.

Please contact us if you want to have more details about the enterprise RPS Platform.