Configure the transformation from JSON import#

The following tutorial shows how to create a transformation configuration by importing it from a JSON file.

The JSON file is obtained by exporting a previously exported page or from the examples of configuration.

Here are the steps to follow:

  1. Sign in RPS CoreConfiguration through the login page
  2. Select the TRANSFORM>TARGETS menu on the left. From the targets list screen, clicking on the NEW TARGET button will open the form for the creation of a new target. Enter the name of the new target and click on ADD.
  3. Click on the name the target you just created, you will switch the list of configurations. Click on the NEW CONFIGURATION button. This will open the form for the creation of a new configuration. Enter the name of the new configuration and click on ADD. The new configuration will appear in the list of the configurations.
  4. Import the JSON configuration file in the configuration by clicking on the button on the far right of your configuration. Then select Import configuration from file, upload the .JSON file and press IMPORT. A message should pop up, indicating that the configuration has been correctly imported, with the details of the importation (5 Instances, 2 Processing Contexts, etc.).
  5. The next step is to enable the configuration. You can see under the status of your configuration that it is currently Disabled. To do enable it, press the button and select Enable configuration.
  6. Pressing Enable configuration will prompt a message containing you API Key and Secret Key. Save this information in a secure place. You can also use the DOWNLOAD TO FILE. Note down also the value of RPS transformation services endpoint and RPS OAuth2 authentication services endpoint. You have now all the element which are necessary configure the RPSEngine class of the RPS API Library.