Transformers are responsible for transforming data entities into data entities of the same type. Example of transformers are: Encryption protection, Encryption unprotection, Masking anonymization, Tokenization protection, ...)

Transformer can be concatenated to form transformers sequences

Transformer types

Insert and extract

These transformers are used to inject/extract the data entity's property id of the transformed value into/from the input value .

Wrap and unwrap

These transformers wrap/unwrap the input value with keywords or tags.


Transformers of this family are used to protect/unprotect data and they are classified in three classes:

  • anonymisation,
  • encryption (decryption),
  • tokenization (detokenization).

Available transformers

To see the full list of available transformers please sign in the RPS SaaS platform and create your first transformation configuration

You will have access to the full list of transformers in the TRANSFORM>TARGETS>CONFIGURATIONS>Transformations page